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Hollow Sky is a series of paintings that originates from our interest and curiosity for cartographic projections and the system of graphic representation of the earth developed by the science of cartography, which develops a system of graphic representation of the earth.

We are interested in questioning cartography, questioning its use as a political, colonial, and power tool.

as a political, colonial, power tool and for the occupation of territories. A science that historically has been instrumentalized with particular interests, especially colonial projects.

As Sloterdijk describes it well, our history as inhabitants of spheres, we consider that it translates into obsessions that are reflected in sciences such as cartography, as he says: to live is to create spheres, to which we would add: ...and to create maps of these.
From our practice and through this series of paintings, we disrupt the usual way in which these fictitious spaces that are maps have been represented and inhabited, since one of the tools of such projections is the mesh system of meridians and parallels. This reticular and Cartesian and Cartesian system of dividing space is what we decided to remove completely leaving an empty surface where it is possible to see the raw linen.


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