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Hand-poke tattoo session 

at Haus der Statistik Berlin, 2022

Photos courtesy Simone Fischer

Captura de Pantalla 2022-12-20 a la(s) 6.21.24 p. m..png

Gente Serpiente (ECDYSIS) is an ongoing, open and participative project, where everyone is invited to participate by choosing a part of the snake they wish to tattoo on any part of their body. 

The tattoos are made using the ancient hand-poke tattoo technique. 

All participants form a big snake, the people are in fact the body of the snake. 


Do you want to be part of the gente serpiente and let your skin be pierced by the fang with ink?  

Captura de Pantalla 2022-12-20 a la(s) 6.47.06 p. m..png

I want to dress in Sun.

We want to dress in Sun.

We can’t wait to meet your skin.

Pills pile to the sky,

rockets lost in the depths of the earth.


The Sun sheds its skin,

we are its reaction

Makes you want to bright




To go out, to free one self.

to escape, to divest one self,

to undress

makes you want to shed your skin

you wipe me with your spittle

lovingly you introduce larvae

into my juicy flesh,

while the dawn sleeps on our heads

David Quiroga

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