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Healing Forest is an immersive multi-sensory installation composed of light, smell, mist, Brugmansia flower essence and a sound composition that includes chants, instruments and ambient sound from the Amazon rainforest.

Invisible forces are welcomed in this work to create an experience to inhale, to feel, to listen, to be impregnated with substances that generate changes of state.

Using different technologies: digital and biological. On the one hand, blue LED lighting, a light that is often present on the screens of our devices, which suppresses the synthesis of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone, affecting circadian cycles.

On the other hand, tincture of Brugmansia, a plant native to the tropical regions of South America, which is dispersed in the installation by means of humidifiers.

This plant, fragrant in the evenings, has been used in many indigenous cultures of South America. In medical preparations, as well as in religious and spiritual ceremonies. It is a plant that allows communication with the unconscious and helps to enter into contact with all that is hidden.

Mazenett Quiroga's installation is as much a mystical experience as it is a therapy and wellness treatment, which aims to conjure, exorcise and heal the traumas left by the pandemic. Especially Coronasomnia, considered the second pandemic, which has affected not only our lives, but also our world of sleep and dreams


Installation view at 13.ª Bienal del Mercosur, Portoalegre, Brasil 2022

Photos courtesy 13.ª Bienal del Mercosur

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