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Polidipsia (Lentic ecosystems of Santurbán Páramo)

Lámina de bronce chapado en oro y agua de páramo / Gold plated bronze sheet and Paramo water Dimensiones variables / Variable dimension / 2019

Installation view: Polidipsia (Lentic ecosystems of Santurbán Páramo)  2019

agua santurban muestra.jpg

Based on the lagoon complex of the Santurban páramo (wetland), bronze silhouettes were gold plated in Abu Dhabi, where the gold market is one of the largest and most extravagant in the world, where you can see the largest amounts of gold gathered in one place.

This work expresses an ambivalence between the symbolic and historical value of these lagoons, which had the character of sacred temples for the native Indians, where they carried numerous offerings, objects of gold that they threw to the lagoons, and that continues being a sacred place in the sense that it provides water to millions of people; and what these same lagoons mean today for a company, as an ideal space for the extraction of gold and the generation of monetary wealth. This piece is accompanied by a bottle containing water that we collected in one of the paramo lagoons. A bottle of water that in our everyday life is an ordinary object is contrasted with a resplendent object bathed in gold, questioning the spectator about the economic valuation system.


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