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The artist duo Mazenett Quiroga has been working collaboratively since 2014 (Bogotá, Colombia). They work at the intersections of Indigenous knowledges, landscape, myth and time, sourcing the breadth of their practice from the lived histories and naturecultures of the Amazonas, and the deconstruction of Western Science disciplines. Embracing this, the duo investigate the interconnections that exist between life forms and the erroneously referred to “resources” of our environment, as well as how culture appropriates, and spreads these connections. Their paintings, sculptures, and installations frequently explore mythology in an urban setting through material experiments and embedded hidden shapes. 


Channeling deeper forms of attention to the life of forest ecosystems, the artists ponder on the temporality, origin, and symbolism of key components of the global economy— in their relationship with more-than- human intelligence and interspecies interaction, to show their hybrid modes of representation.


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